Toners for laser printers

Toners for
laser printers

high efficiency, clear print,
deep colors

Inks for inkjet printers

Inks for
inkjet printers

failure-free, high-performance,
quick replacement

Drums for laser printers

Drums for
laser printers

long life, easy operation,
high quality


We are one of the largest wholesalers of consumables in Europe. Our offer includes products of all brands of printers, and most importantly, Imagine is focused on great quality and a good price.

Our advantage is the repeatability and stability of products. For more than 10 years, the Imagine team has accumulated valuable experience, thanks to which we not only solve our customers' problems, but also provide relevant suggestions, helping to obtain high-quality products at a low price.

Always the cheapest

Wholesale import of toners and printer inks allows us to obtain a low price from manufacturers. But it is not everything! We place great emphasis on process automation, which significantly reduces organizational costs, which makes the price of our goods so attractive.

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Toner BR-247B | TN247B2.94 €
Toner HP-30X/CRG051H | CF230X / CRG051H / 30X2.70 €
Toner BR-247Y | TN247Y3.19 €
Printhead CA-545XB | rem. | 8286B001 / PG545XL8.74 €
Ink BR-123XM | LC123M0.38 €
Ink HP-364XY | CB325EE0.47 €

Always at your disposal
Together, we develop the best model of operation and cooperation. We will offer you the best package of products, payment methods and delivery terms. We will provide the fastest service and after-sales support.

Always on time
With 5 shipping companies at our disposal, we can choose the carrier so that the ordered goods reach you or your client as soon as possible.

Always faster and faster
Progress is our motto. Thanks to our own IT solutions, we automate logistics, service and commercial processes in order to be able to offer you the lowest possible price.

Always the highest quality
We are sure that our products will meet your expectations. Try them out and get the starter kit absolutely free!










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