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Which printer to choose?

When deciding to buy a printer, the first thing you need to do is to choose the printing technology. The most popular in the market are inkjet printers and laser printers. A comparison of both solutions is described in the How to choose a printer? guide.

It's also worth checking out the more detailed guides dedicated to each technology - Which inkjet printer? and Which laser printer?

If you choose the latter, you will also need to stock up on the right supplies. In this case, it will be toner for laser printer, the purchase of which will involve solving several dilemmas.

Firstly, what printer toner to choose - you may be doing this for the first time and wondering how to find the right one for your printer model.

Secondly, if you've been browsing the toner range in the store you've probably noticed that many manufacturers offer toner replacements at an attractive price. This presents printer owners with an even more difficult dilemma: is it better to choose a replacement toner or the original?

Replacement or original?

Printers are very useful and sometimes indispensable devices. Sometimes, however, buying consumables for them can be troublesome, especially when the user verifies the price of the original supply, which is very often similar to the price he paid for the printer for which it is intended.  In this case, manufacturers of much cheaper, and often much more efficient replacements come to the rescue.

Why such a big difference?

Why is it that a replacement can be up to 80% cheaper than the original? Contrary to what may appear, it's not about quality. And the common rule that a cheaper product means lower quality does not apply here. The price of originals is high because manufacturers incur huge costs for marketing and promotional activities.

And the replacements? Replacements are usually products without the so-called "brand", which do not need to be promoted in a special way. If the user does not care about a brand-name product, and additionally he wants to reduce expenses on consumables, he should definitely choose replacements, which are of the same quality as more expensive equivalents.

Don't overpay, save and enjoy a great print. Remember:

  • the price of a replacement is on average 80% lower than the original toner,
  • replacements are distinguished by their higher efficiency,
  • our replacement inks and toners have a 24 month warranty,
  • our replacements have the same quality as the original.

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